02 April 2012

Mr Punch Cafe / Restaurant / WineBar

We bought coupons for Mint Museum of Toys on Groupon at half price and decided to head down on a Saturday for it. Was really hungry so we decided to just grab a bite at Mr Punch Cafe before heading into the museum itself. It is basically like a restaurant serving starters and entrees as well as desserts and they also serve wine at the al fresco area if I'm not wrong.

I came here a few years ago as well but I honestly don't remember it being called Mr Punch Cafe then. (Okay I googled it. I believe it was called Mint Cafe like many years back.)

The cafe is sort of like a basement cafe apart form the Al fresco area and it latches on to the concept of toys and such from the Toy Museum. There is this AWESOME wall painting when you first go down the stairs and it was what really caught my eyes whenever I pass by Seah Street as well.

There are many framed posters hung on the walls as well and they kinda give a very old school type of ambience.

 The menu reminded me of the mascot for St Patrick's Day

We ordered a Mini Burger Platter $17.
It is a mini burger platter with 3 types of fillings - breaded prawns and dill herbs pattie, lemongrass salmon pattie, crab pattie and sided with French fries and paprika tartar dressing.

Decided to go for this on the menu cos it looked interesting. Quite a disappointment actually. The burgers aren't exactly very satisfying and the sauces that were on the burger patties didn't complement the pretty under-seasoned patties. The only saving grace was the fries that it came with lol.

A closeup of the mini burger

For mains, we got a Baked Chicken Steak in Smoked BBQ marinade with Caponata Vegetables, $12.80. It was a chicken leg de-boned, marinated with smoked BBQ sauce and oven baked with a layer of pure honey. Vegetables were drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

The meat was pretty good and the bbq sauce really complemented it. Not fantastic and unforgettable though.

We also ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara Pasta with Iberico Chorizo and Mushroom $14. A plate of traditional italian style creamy pasta with smoked iberico pork chorizo tossed with mixed mushrooms in cream sauce, egg yolk and parmesan cheese. MMMM.

This was pretty good. The sauce was thick and it's best to share among 2 since it was quite a huge plate of CREAM-based pasta. The pork chorizos were savoury and there was a good portion of it on the plate.

Love the nicely cushioned seats and poster-plastered walls.

Mr Punch Cafe / Restaurant / WineBar is located at
26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382
Tel: +65 6339 6266
Opening Hours: 930am - 1030pm (Mon - Sat); 930am - 630pm (Sun)

Next up:
Blog post on our visit inside Mint Museum of Toys! (:

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